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Sunday, January 16, 2011


that basically sums up everything about my eating lately. gahh, i just can't stop! i have all this candy in my room that i bought when L and I went to the movies the other night, and i cant stop eating these damn jolly ranchers! and that damn chocolate cake, and oh yeah, those enormous meals i'm having everyday.

My family went out to celebrate a birthday today. Went to a restaurant, ate TWO huge buttery rolls before dinner even came...then some pulled pork, a baked potato loaded with fat, some broccoli (oh yippie) and another roll. fml.

I dont think i've gained any, thank the lord, but that will all catch up with me soon. I'm sure of it, it has to.

I'm actually excited to go back to school. I do so much better distracting myself and not eating there. I mean yeah, all the alcohol takes its toll, but i really havent been out that i have a gym at school, for those rare occasions when i actually feel the urge to work out.

i've set a goal: i want to weigh 128 by valentines day. I weigh about 136 now. SOOO, that mean i have just under a month to lose 8 pounds. COMPLETELY possible. it would actually be easy for a lot of you girls. If i actually do this, i will be so ecstatic. I havent weighed in the 120's since.....well, since about 3 years ago at least. i think i'll look pretty decent then, even though i'll probably want to keep going.

I can do this. help me stay strong ladies.


  1. You CAN DO IT! If I can loose 12 lbs in 2 weeks then you can loose 8 lbs in 4 weeks.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. You're always so lovely!

    I don't blame you about those buttery rolls.
    They're always my favourite part of dinners. I could live on bread and butter rolls. Mmhmgkmhkdnfjgn

    Good luck with your goal looooove


  3. you can do it!
    i would love to be 120 pounds!
    stay strong :)