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Saturday, August 14, 2010

ok guys so im a little drunk right niw. im gonna try to type right but sorry if i mess up. ok so tonight at 1o i went out with one of my brest friends jon and i got a little shitty. i chugeed a lot of whiskey. be proud of my becayse i didnt kiss him! drunken slut stayed in for the night for once! yayyy!! but i feel really really bad cause i never post anything new for you to read. my computer got a virus on it from my dumb ass mom the other day so i was scared that my dad would find this blog when he took it to work when it got pficxed, so i set it to private for a long time.

im sooo fat. i swear im 10000000 opouinds. drinking doenst help. fucking liquid calories. but i think im bloated too cause of my periosd. but i dont care. i jsut want to be skinny. i have to fget skinny before i move to frnace! and im going to school soon and im gonna eat anf drink so much when i get tehre! im gonna gain a shit ton!

thank you guys so much for wactually wanting to read about my boring life! i love you ladies so much and you are such an inspiration to me! i wish i could make you all more really gonna start trying! and im gonna work out every day wehn i go to school again. i love you guys and im sorry because i never post when im drunk and i dont want you all to think bad things about me but i feel so lost and i never talk to you anymore and i never lose weight and im gjust an failure. i lvoe you guys, im sorry.

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