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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


i suck at posting on here. i can't even make excuses anymore. yeah, i've been busy, but apparently we all have. can i not take 10 minutes out of a day to post something? i used to NEED this blog, with every inch of my being to clear my head, to stay on track, and now, nothing. Maybe that's what it is, i haven't stayed on track and i'm ashamed. really, i truely am ashamed and embarassed, but im not going to torture you with how pissed at myself for becoming a fatass i am. but i would really like to know why i don't post anymore.

i've been hanging out at a friends house a lot lately. ok, that an understatement, like every night. it's weird because she was really my sister's friend, i was always kinda the younger sister who was always just around while we were all growing up. But idk, this girl and i have gotten way close lately, so i hang out with her all the time, and my sister doesn't, at all, and it just feels strange. but my sister has always been the really smart well behaved one who would rather stay at home and read while im the outgoing "rebel child" if you will in my family, so i can't help it if my sister refuses to hang out with her friends.

Anyway, i go out there and nothing really. And i don't know what it is that i love about that place so much or what makes it so fun? we sit around and watch movies, or play board games, occasionally we may drink or take a visit to the bar down the road and drink a little too much, but most of the time its just sitting around with my friend and her fiance and whatever other random person has decided to show up that night. It's just comfortable. I enjoy it.

I move back to school on thursday. super pumped. yet super dreading all the homework again. whatevs, i can handle it. I just don't want to start. let me move in and not take any classes, please.

We decided to remodel my room also. We started just a week before i had to move out and we just finished painting today. so i don't even really get to enjoy it, but at least it looks good for my last day? haha

I don't know what else. I'm spacing out right now. I know i have some really awesome stories or thoughts, but can i think of them right now? hell no. of course not. I can never think of things when i WANT to talk about them. does that ever happen to you all? i'll probably wake up at like 4 in the morning and remember THEN. but not now. and i'll forget again by the time i make another post.

k, i'm going to bed. btdubs (yeah, i just typed that out) i dreamnt entirely in french last night. wtf. i guess thats a good sign least subconciously i completely kick ass at french. it was interesting. I was really freaking good.

Ok, goodnight world.

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  1. I was JUST thinking about you! lol... not in a creepy way. Just the fact that we NEED to meet up eventually haha.

    Love ya girly.
    Glad you're posting again!!!