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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh hey Donny and Kate, I hate you.

you know what annoys me to no extent? Donny freakin Osmond. KSJBFIOUBWF this is completely random, i know, but I just have to vent my undying annoyance for this man to someone! I'm sure he's a great man and everyhting, but he just epitomizes the character of "washed-up desperate has been celebrity"
OK ok, i'll explain. Im a little bit of a fan of the show Dancing with the Stars. Not that I watch it religiously or anything, but if it's on, why not? Plus, it's great thinspiration. Anyway, if you watch the show like me, you know that last season, Donny Osmond was a contestant on the show. Ok, this man had already used up my limited amounts of patience through his incredibly annoying interviews that aired before the show, and I had already gotten MORE THAN ENOUGH of my dose of Osmond crap when his sister Marie portrayed her rechid convulsions termed "dancing" on the show, but NO, this man doesn't think thats quite enough. He is passionate about his quest in life to irritate me to death, so he goes on the show too. He's like that guy at the party that thinks he's really funny, but he's not, and everyone just stares at him with this utterly disgusted look oozing of "PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I KILL YOU".... but he never gets the hint. You know that guy? I think we all know that guy. Well big sur-fucking-prise, he wins the damn show. Not only is it one boost to his ego that he didn't need, but it forces me-and the rest of america- to sit through his absurdity for the entire duration of the season. Unbearable. Now, he's in the audience every week for this season, almost giddy with the feeling that he's "made his comeback" or something like that. UGHHHH

While I'm on this whole thing of tv personalities and contestants on DWTS that I can't stand, please allow me to waste three more minutes of your life to tell you about my hatred for Kate Goselin. I'll admit, i was utterly, passionately IN LOVE with the show Jon and Kate plus Eight, but after the divorce and her transformation into an utterly mid-life crisis stricken attention whore, I can't stand to even look upon her face for fear that I'll kill a puppy or something. That is how much i hate her. Ok, so you got a divorce and went on about a billion public interviews to trash the man you were once so in love with. Ok, so you got your platinum blonde hair extensions so that you can try to convince everyone that you're a MILF, ok so you decided to milk your pathetic attempt at fame for all it was worth and become a contestant on DWTS, but must you keep acting like you are such a celebrity, who deserves all of this attention, and abandon your kids? You always said it was your job to provide for them, and I respect that. but oh, hey kate, you have a job already, its called BEING A MOM!!! I fear for the therapy your children are going to have to go through when they get older. What a shame.

Ok, now that that is out of my system, let's talk life. I'm back home for summer vacation, and thoroughly depressed to leave all of my college friends, but it's taken a real great affect on my whole weight loss plan. It's so much easier to not eat when I'm at home... i'm almost always home alone so no one is checking. Also, i'm not invited out to get completely and utterly wasted at some party three nights a week, which is really saving me a whole hell of a lot in the calorie department. Its too soon to tell if i've had any weight loss yet, but i'm back down to one meal a day and frequent exercise, so it's looking good.

Ok, so now with all of that out of my system, I hope that you all are having a wonderful life and are acheiving your goals...stay strong!! Much love!

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  1. I know what you mean about instant celebrity status! :) I think it's a good thing to get out of your system on a blog! Good luck with your day.