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Saturday, May 22, 2010

people let me tell you bout my besttt friend....


ahh, i love my best friend. It's so sad that she lives so freakin far away...BUT I GET TO SEE HER TONIGHT AND IM HELLA EXCITED! were gonna party and drink like crazy...she's my double trouble, and if you all out there don't have one of those, i highly suggest you get one!

ok well besides that, i'm actually also dreading this little road trip a bit too. i'm in an awkward situation of sorts...last time i went to visit CJ, the drunken slut in me (see last post) came out to play and I ended up making out with a guy, no big deal...ok so heres the bad part, he apparently read WAYY more into it than i did (....i'm digressing but isn't it supposed to be the other way around....the random hookup that leaves the girl wanting more and the guy brushing it off as just a night of fun?) anyway drunken me is also stupid, blind, bad-decision making me, and i gave him my number. MISTAKE. ladies, take this advice, next time you've been drinking and a guy wants your number, try to remember to ask yourself this...

1) "do i at this moment have to hold on to the ground to keep the world around me from spinning like a top?
2) Have I basically lost my sense of vision, taste, and smell?
3) Am I at this point not even capable of understanding the definition of 'blue'?"

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes"....then your probably fucked and a half and should NOT, under any circumstances be handing out your number to anyone unless you have somehow prepared yourself for the annoying texts that will follow in the months afterwards.

yeah, so that brings me back to the story, this guy wont stop texting me, thinks we're soulmates, and on top of things, is one of those guys who doesn't even get the hint. good lord this is why i choose not deal with boys...they're idiots. well i tried to tell CJ about all his texting, but she took it as a funny, sweet thing, and actually thinks that I want him to be there everytime i visit her from now on! KJNJNF lesson #2...drunk or not, don't hook up with friends of your best friend. just. dont. do it.

So he texts me two days ago and says "hey when are you coming back to visit CJ this summer? I want to make sure im off work." Now at this point, I know im visiting CJ in less than 3 days, but i definitely don't want him to know that, so I say "I don't know, it may be a while." i then text CJ and tell her about it, she takes it as I want to surprise him, but then can't contain her excitement and spills the beans to him this morning, so now he's sure to be there. JOY. and I'm sure to be shitfaced, again. DOUBLE JOY. the worst part is, he's extremely unattractive. Call me shallow, but sorry, if i'm doing this whole casual hookup no commitment thing, they should at least be attractive. he's not. in fact, now that i've seen him sober, his face serves as one more reminder that i should REALLY quit drinking.

This should be fun....i'll recount the entire adventure for you guys later this week...should be interesting!

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