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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i need your all's thoughts, prayers, and support right now ladies. This is a rough week for me. I know i told you all that the abscess came back on thursday...well, i just had a horrible weekend. i didn't sleep at all thursday night, got up on Saturday morning and drove home to the doctor. I knew he would tell me i needed a tonsillectomy, but I was hoping that he could just drain it, I would instantly feel better, and I could make it back to school that afternoon, make it through the next two weeks, then have the surgery over Christmas break. I mean, this weekend was supposed to be awesome! L actually wanted to take me on our first "real date" i guess on Friday, he asked me if I would go to lunch with him, and of course i was so excited. Then that night, L, CJ, and I were all supposed to go to our friends house for a huuuuuge ugly sweater party. Then Saturday, my best guy friends were having a party at their apartment, and I couldn't wait. L wouldn't be there, but i'm sure I would have ended up spending the night with him that night.

Well, as you guessed, I missed it all. He drained the abscess on Friday, but it ended up coming back AGAIN, and I had to stay home all weekend. I was so mad. And I had to go back into a different doctor on saturday to get it taken care of, and this doctor was an absolute ASS. I've never had a doctor treat me so badly in my life. I was crying so hard in the office. I felt terrible, he wasn't making it any better, and I was missing everything. Not to mention that he told me that the tonsillectomy couldn't wait until Christmas break anymore. That was the worst news.

Heres how my schedule DID look for the next two weeks, before I got sick:

Monday: nothing major, just class
Tuesday: Microbiology project due, Major French presentation, Microbiology lab FINAL
Wednesday: 2 chapters of stats homework due
Thursday: Micro lecture exam, Nursing FINAL
Friday: nothing major

Monday: Music appreciation Final
Tuesday: French Final
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: Microbiology Lecture Final
Friday: Stats final

already a pretty full load right? welp, too bad I now had to schedule this surgery for tuesday of finals week. I didn't know what i was going to do. I thought I would have to go incomplete for the semester and make up all my finals during Christmas break and skip the cruise and it was just so stressful, there were a TON of tears this weekend.

Then luckily (I guess) I started feeling better, so I came back to school today, and I've managed to talk to my professors and get all of my finals in before the surgery, but my schedule for this week now looks like this:

Today: Turn in Microbiology project(which i started and finished last night, take Micro lab final, start and finish major French project, do 2 chapters of stats homework
Wednesday: French presentation, turn in stats homework
Thursday: Micro lecture exam, Music Appreciation Final, Nursing Final
Friday: Micro Final, French Final
Monday: Stats Final
Tuesday: Surgery

I'm under so much stress, and I just failed my micro lab final that i studied SOOOOO hard for. and i really NEEDED a good grade on that. I came back and cried a little more. Gosh i'm sick of doing that.

I'm sorry, this is not a happy post, but I just needed to vent. I feel like curling up in my bed and sleeping away the next 2 weeks. I feel like i'm going to more ways than one.

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  1. trust me i want to curl up and sleep through the next few weeks too but i don't think we can do that :/ you'll make it through, you're a strong girl, you got this. let me know if you need any help or need to talk, just email me :) good luck with everything lovely and i'm so sorry about all your health troubles. love you xox