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Monday, July 25, 2011

The scale has been hovering around 130 or the high 120s lately, so as ar as I can guess, I'm probably somewhere around 132-134. Super psyched about it too! As soon as I hit 132 for sure, that will officially mean that I've lost 20 lbs from my highest weight! And then I'll only be 12 lbs from my ultimate goal weight of 120! Ahhh it's getting so close now, it's motivating me every single day!

Well that's not completely true. I went to the lake this weekend and said good riddance to any diet. Huge southern breakfast every morning, dinner at night, snacks on the water....whatever. I'm on my period which is my excuse every month to just have one or two days where I can eat whatever I want without feeling guilty. Plus, this is my first time at the lake in over a year where I actually felt halfway comfortable in a bikini. Gahhh I can't EVEN tell you how good that feels. This time last year, I was wearing a tank top as much as possible on the lake so that I could somewhat hide my fat. This year, my mom told me how good I looked. Oh how far I've come. It took me quite a while, but now that I'm getting things under control, waiting a while and doing it the healthy way doesn't make it any less sweet.

I'm thinking of posting before/after pics soon. Hmmmmm, will I be able to work up the courage?

On a side note, going to get checked for STDs on Thursday. Wooo good times. Even if the chances of me having an STD are basically infinitesimal, still better safe than sorry right? Oh I just can't wait.....

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  1. Congratulations! We look like we are in about the same place in our weight loss- about half-way there. Very exciting!