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Monday, February 14, 2011

Yeah, I lied.

I know I said that I wasn't going to post on this blog anymore for a while, but something happened this weekend that I only worthy of sharing with you all. I went on a long car ride with L this weekend. Almost 3 hours alone. Just talking. Talkig about anything and everything, an our biggest fears. I've told you before that L has some kind of disorder as well with his eating. He has to work out at least 2 hours a day, obsesses about what his body looks like, etc. After getting to know him better and becoming so much closer to him, I've decided that he would be classified as having orthorexia. He obsessively thinks about just being healthy. Well, I told him. That's right, I told him about my eating issues. I told him how little I ate this summer, how much I thought about it all the time, how much I hated myself. He completely understood and completely didn't understand at the same time. He understands the passion, the NEED for it, but he doesn't understand not eating to lose weight. He exercises to be healthy, not lose weight. Anyway, the point is, he didn't judge me for it. He didn't think I was crazy. He wasn't mad. I wasn't embarassed. He knows everything (well...actually, he still doesn't know about this blog) but he knows my biggest faults and insecurities, and somehow, he still cares for me. We sat in silence for a little while afterwords, and then he just looked over at me, smile spread across his face, sun shining in his hair, and said "you're absolutely beautiful."

I think I'm in love.